Resources produced by the Christian Muslim Forum

Public Policy & Briefings

Integration and Opportunity, following the Casey Review (2017)

Religious Supplementary Schools (2017)

RE & Spirituality in Schools (2013)

When Two Faiths Meet – Ethical Principles (2012)

Halal statement (2010)

Ethical Guidelines for Christian and Muslim Witness in Britain (2009)

Christmas statement (2006)

Programmes of Work

Christian Muslim Forum report on Muslims and Methodists Programme (2017)

Church-Mosque Twinning Report (2016)

Women of Faith Leicestershire Directory (2013)

Christian & Muslim Women – The Edge 2012 (2012)

Public Statements in Response to Events

Statement on Visit of Franklin Graham (2018)

Johnson on the Burqa (2018)

Punish a Muslim Day statement (2018)   

Statement on Hate Crime against Mosques (2017)

Times Report on Fostering statement (2017)  

London Bridge Attack statement (2017)  

Manchester Arena statement (2017)  

Solidarity after Quebec Attack (2017)  

EU Referendum Statement (2016)

Statement on Violence Hatred Mistreatment of Minorities and Terrorist Attacks (2012)

Resources produced by other organisations

Inter Faith Marriage: a Marriage Resource Pack from the Inter Faith Marriage Group.