Ramadan Mubarak!


The Christian Muslim Forum sends its best wishes to all during this blessed month and month of mercy, Ramadan.

It is a month where we are invited to reflect upon our actions, deepen our spirituality, create a stronger bond with our Creator through prayers, reading the Qur'an, and nurture relationships with one another.

It is a reminder as a month of sharing, of wealth, good deeds and prayers:

“Give to your close relatives what they need, and also give generously to the destitute and to wayfarers ...”  Surah Al-Isra (17:26-28)

Two major events this Ramadan illustrate the importance and benefits of sharing:


Ramadan this year coincides with the Olympic Games, this initiative is encouraging mosques to invite people from all faiths and backgrounds from their neighbourhood, friends and visitors to share the fast-breaking meal (Iftar). You can find out more about Iftar 2012 here. Let us know (you can post comments below) if your mosque is inviting others to iftar or if you have attended an iftar. 

Ramadan Festival

Ramadan Festival is an exciting project involving charities, organisations and individuals from all faith or no faith, it aims to organise inter faith Iftars, to help needy families and more. You can take part in Dine@Mine Week either to host or be a guest at a family iftar.


We hope everyone can benefit from the spirit of this month of Ramadan and congratulate you once more on its advent. Ramadan is not just for Muslims!

Zahra Imame, Project Worker

Fatima Adamou, Volunteer

Julian Bond, Director

Christian Muslim Forum 




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