Weekly Inter Faith News, 9 January 2014


Flowers on the Stockholm mosque Monday morning. Photo: Islamiska förbundet

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The Hubble telescope has captured an image of Pandora's Cluster. The light from these galaxies was produced 13.2 billion years ago.

In America 3D printing machines have been unveiled that can print out chocolate in extraordinarily intricate shapes.

Channel 4 has been criticised for its portrayal of life on social security in Birmingham in its "Benefits Street" programme. Critics defend the poor and point to the realities of life on welfare.


The Church of England has been in the news this week because of experimental changes to the baptism service. The Christian Post responds to the Church's response to critics.

The title Monsignor is to be reserved to older Catholic priests who have given extraordinary service, says the Pope.

In Georgia pilgrims flock to a saint's tomb after a nun's vision is misunderstood by the general public.


There are unconfirmed reports that American singer Jennifer Grout, who fascinated the Arab world after reaching the final three times in the Arabs Got Talent contest, has become Muslim.

Dinosaur finds are rare in the Arabian peninsula, but now a T-Rex has been located in Saudi Arabia!

Inter faith

In Stockholm local people show their support for a Mosque by covering Nazi graffiti with bunches of flowers.

On the Patheos website one blogger is very encouraged by the interfaith education activities carried out in an Alaskan prison.

In Nigeria an annual polo match held to promote interfaith peace is a great success.

Archbishop and Imam Call for UN Peacekeeping Force in Central African Republic

Forum News and Events

A Matter of Trust, guest article by Peter Adams

A new language ..., Thoughts for the Day broadcast on Premier Christian Radio

Happy Christmas!

Peace in Christianity and Islam

Lunchtime Dialogue, London, 14 January

A Conversation about Conflict, London, 20 January

Christians, Muslims & Jesus, Blackburn, 30 January

A Common Word - Perceptions of each other, London, 8 February

Near Neighbours Conference and Mela, Birmingham, 13 February

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+1 #2 Julian Bond 2014-01-09 09:20
... and of course the Happy Christmas story!
+1 #1 Julian Bond 2014-01-09 09:05
My favourite stories:

- flowers on the mosque

- Peter's article

- a range of interesting event, adding more in coming weeks

Let us know your favourite articles and share them with us next week

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